• Smart Cattle:The IoT
    Technology for Smart Farms

  • Health Monitoring,Positioning
    and Cow Comfort Management

  • Data Analytics and
    Herd Management Consulting

  • Engineering Design Services
    for Smart Farms

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Cattle Positioning, Health and Comfort Management

Cow comfort and early detection of potential illnesses, play critical roles in production and the economics of dairy farms. Smart Cattle provides farm managers with the systems and tools to obtain and analyze sensory data from the cattle and the farm. Smart Cattle enables the farmer to:

  • Analyze and manage the production, fertility and health of the cows
  • Assess cow comfort in different stalls
  • Improve the business performance of the farm
  • Improve coordination of management, executive team, and the veterinarians through software

How does Smart Cattle work?

Smart Cattle system is comprised of the following components. The architecture is modular and farms can pick and choose their desired components as their need evolve over time; All being integrated seamlessly on a single platform!

  • Smart eartags and collars
  • Farm IoT devices:
    • Environmental sensors to assess temperature humidity index (THI)
    • Smart Cattle force plate
    • Smart Cattle kiosk
  • Data gathering nodes to collect sensor data across the farm
  • Data network to transport the data to Smart Cattle clouds
  • Smart Cattle software application