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Smart Cattle Force Plate

Force plate technology for early detection of laminitis Lameness is a costly disease in dairy farms which may easily remain unnoticeable in its early stages. Yet, this delayed diagnosis only raises the cost of treatment and may even end up with removal of animal from production. Lameness

  • Affects the biological performance of animals
  • Increases the interval between two pregnancies
  • Puts the animal at greater risk for other diseases

Smart Cattle Force Plate technology analyzes the pattern of limb pressure on the ground for walking. Any irregularity and imbalance is then detected at an early stage for more economical treatment and faster recovery. SCFP allows

  • Lameness detection without human intervention
  • Analysis of animal patterns of movement in its natural undisturbed form
  • Seamless integration with Smart Cattle Health Management Application for easy access and greater health analytics