• Smart Cattle :The IoT
    Technology for Smart Farms

  • Health Monitoring,Positioning
    and Cow Comfort Management

  • Data Analytics and
    Herd Management Consulting

  • Engineering Design Services
    for Smart Farms

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Smart Cattle is a suite of technologies for boosting the quality and quantity of production in dairy farms. Its modular design allows for seamless upgrade as the farm requirements evolve.

Smart Cattle® Platform

Smart Cattle records and analyzes the animal activities and eating patterns for monitoring their health. All this is offered in an easy to use software as a service platform. See More


Engineering Design

Consulting and engineering design services for development of smart farms

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Managed Services

Optimized management of smart farm services and technologies

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Management Consulting

Farm data analytics and management consulting services

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Smart Cattle:

Next Generation Smart Dairy Farming.

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